Current Projects

Here you will find a list of some of the current layout-related projects I am working on. In no particular order. As I finish things I will mark them completed and eventually remove them from the list. In some cases there may be progress photos.


1. Build benchwork.


2. Reading class LOa covered hoppers - kitbashed from Accurail 55t USRA open hoppers with a roof added, per prototype. Currently in progress, see Construction Progress page.


3. Alco Models brass RS-3 locomotive. Needs drive cleaned up (already remotored), sound decoder and speaker installed, and paint touched up. Currently painted as Reading 514 but some of the paint on the handrails has chipped off and needs touching up.


4. Five Bowser 55t open hopper kits - new numbers. Weights painted and installed, need to be finished.


5. MDC RS-3 Locomotive - already decorated as Reading #470, but the decals are the wrong font and the paint is a few shades off. It also needs a new 3-chime horn and bracket to mount it to the front of the cab, and the old horn mounting holes on the hoods filled in. Electrically, it needs a DCC decoder and LEDs for lights.


6. Athearn RTR RS-3 Locomotive - already decorated as Reading #492. Working on adding cab roof drip rails. Tried an MDC Alco sound decoder - removed it, not worth the money. Plan to replace with either a QSI or Loksound.


7. Pair of Proto 2000 Northeast cabooses - currently undecorated. Need to be painted and decaled as Reading, and final details added. Electrical pickups for the interior light (aka the 'brakes') will be removed. The single bulb looks a bit hokey, plus with full power on the tracks at all times with DCC it runs too hot.


8. Stewart VO1000 Switcher, RDG 86. TCS T-1 decoder installed, orange LEDs replaced with white. Needs details installed.


9. Four Branchline Blueprint Reading boxcars - kits needs to be assembled. One was started on my last business trip.


10. Four Proto 2000 tank cars - kits need to be assembled. Two others already completed.


11. Train-Miniature Reading 55t hopper - has been assembled, needs decals applied for number.