Rolling Stock Roster


At some point I will have most significant items from my rolling stock roster here. For now, here are two of my latest projects, Life-Like Proto 2000 Type 103 tank cars. The smaller car is an 8000 gallon car lettered for Harbor Tank Lines. This is a kit I purchased over a year ago and gave up on assembling due to the complexities of removing the tiny grab irons from the sprues. This kit made a Branchline Blueprint boxcar I previously assembled look like a snap-together kit. Just last week, I decided to torture myself more, and picked up the second car - a 10,000 gallon version lettered for Shipper's Car Line. This one went together with ease, so I decided to take another stab at the smaller car. Using leftover unbroken parts from the 10,000 gallon car, I was able to complete the 8,000 gallon car, so here they are. Click the thumbnails for a larger picture.