This page is to offer special recognition to some vendors who have provided excellent quality service and should serve as an example to all in the model railroad industry.

First up: Gadget Tom's DCC

Gadget Tom sells Digitrax and Lenz DCC components at great prices. And he doesn't sacrifice service. The stated shipping policy is that all in-stock orders will be shipped within 2 business days. This is easy to track because the online store offers live inventory data. Gadget Tom is located in California. I live in Pennsylvania. I ordered some decoders from Tom and had my order in my hand 2 days after placing it! Now that's fast shipping! Also be sure to check out his 'Gadget Cam', a wireless camera mounted in a boxcar that allows you to take a trip around your layout.


Next in line: Stewart Hobbies

I recently purchased an A-B set of F-7's decorated for Reading. When I opened the box, both units were in their sealed bags, however one of the ladders was broken off the B-unit shell. The missing piece was nowhere to be found. I called up Stewart Hobbies and explained the situation to the cheerful person who answered the phone. He immediately offered to send a replacement body shell, no hassles. A few days later, a Stewart Hobbies box arrived in the mail, and my model is now complete. Thank you for standing behind your product!


Next up: Empire Northern Models

Empire Northern Models sells Digitrax, NCE, and Soundtraxx DCC components, as well as other model railroading items. Tim is extremely responsive to customer queries. I was looking to purchase some equipment I didn't see listed on his web site. I emailed a query to see if this product was available, and within a half hour I got not only an email from Tim with the price, but he also updated his web site to show it! Plus Empire Northern has some of the best prices around - proof that paying less doesn't always mean you get less. Thanks Tim!